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Photographer Headshots Packages.

  1. At Paulina Sobczak Photography, our photographer headshots packages often last for around an hour, however, for extra intensive shoots lets say for a bigger portfolio of work, more time will be required. Currently, at Paulina Sobczak Photography, we cater for a range of industries. However, these slot into three main categories, when it comes to headshots.
  • Business
  • Actors or Models
  • Social Media Profiles (Linkedin).Paulina Sobczak Photography Services - Photographer Headshots Packages
  1. Each of our packages can be tailored to your needs. Whether these are for the launch of a new website, or product, topping up that all important portfolio or perfecting your social profile.
  2. Once the shoot is complete and you are happy with the pictures we have captured. Our team will carefully retouch a range of the photographs you are most comfortable with. If you would like any of these pictures mounted on frames or scaled down for social media profiles, simply lets us know and we can discuss the options.
  3. Outdoor shoots. These can be a great way of getting a different style and aspect to your headshots. Consider these options when speaking to your photographer at the initial consultation.
  4. If you are unsure what you require, don’t be afraid to google a few idea’s and share these with us. Or let us know that you need some help and we can guide you through the process. Remember we’re Always Focused On You! So lets us know what you need and we can support your goals.
  5. We have worked with all kinds of businesses, actor’s, models, and Charites. If doesn’t matter if your budget it tight, let us know what you need as we have a number of payment plans available as well.
  6. For any business person, business owner, actor or model professional looking pictures, it’s very important you choose the right company and photographer headshots package. Since the reason why you are even considering have some pictures taken is that deep down somewhere you a great of you is going to give you an advantage. If this the case, it’s equally as important to select a photography partner who is dedicated in the art form and can provide a photographer headshots package. You need to get your professional message across.

    Paulina Sobczak Photography Services - Photographer Headshots Packages

  7. Commissioning business headshots for actor portraits is in part all about providing a sense of trust to the purchaser or contact. As simple as having a modern professional from a London based photographer who specialises in photographer headshots packages, will supercharge your potential success rates. Every business/person needs an edge; so why would you leave it to your iPhone camera to stay ahead of your competition.When It Comes to Selecting a Professional Photographer Headshots Packages with Paulina Sobczak Photography we can offer an all-inclusive service. Just let us know if you will require additional hair or makeup or head and we can walk you through the options.


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