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Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before Hiring Your Wedding Photographer. 

Today we would like to discuss the topic of hiring a wedding photographer. We know there are millions of post about this, but this is our take on the subject.

The agreement between you and your photographer is an important one. Not something either party would entry into likely, considering the significance of the day. Choosing the cheapest, the most expensive, the well established or the free option, all the have their merits. The key to selecting the best option is based on 3 simple but critical considerations, between you and your partner: 

  • What’s the Style of Wedding do Want?
  • What’s Your Budget?
  • Can you Trust your Photographer?

That said, we can’t stress it enough but choosing not to hire a professional means you might end up with less than favourable results. While there are no guarantees in life, give yourself a break at least and chose the option with the highest amount of probability. 

Sure all reputable photography companies will have public liability insurance, but this doesn’t get those precious moments from your day back. 

So we discussed the 3 considerations above. The first is the style you are looking for from our day. We would suggest looking through some bridal magazines, go to some wedding fairs and of course, use the search engines for a bottomless pit of ideas. What matters to you and your partner?
Are there any memories from your relationship which can be a focal point of your day. What brought you together? And what will keep you together!! Bear in mind the wackier the idea, this might impact the costs more, but the memories will last for generations to come.

 The second consideration is the big bad budget!. When it comes to wedding photographer the prices vary so much between photographer. So it is important not to lose sight of why you are doing this in the first place. Why photography doesn’t feed people, give the courage to do the conga at 1 am in the morning. It’s still really important to be able to recall all those amazing moments with family and friends. So be realistic, spend as much as your budget can stretch. Don’t forget you only get to relive those moments from that particular day once. 


The third consideration trust. Once you have vetted and selected your wedding photographer, you need to put your faith in their ability to deliver on the day. You need to trust you have made the right decision in selecting them, and you need to trust that day will go as well as it can. No Wedding is absolutely perfect, there will always be issues. We’re in the UK here to it’s likely to rain for example. Just make sure you plan something in case these types of issue crop up and don’t take you by surprise. In a lot of cases, wedding couples tend to have their family and friends around prior and during the wedding. We would strongly suggest delegating tasks to them. Take the load of you, on your day. It’s about you, not about organising the flowers on the day or making sure auntie Mavis only has fish! Delegate as early as you can. This only gets everyone involved and they’ll thank you for the honour.